Chesapeake Concierge Service

1. What is a personal concierge service?    A personal concierge is your chance to free up precious time by hiring someone else to run errands and assist you in your personal life – enabling you to accomplish much more everyday or while out of town without the stress so that you can focus on the quality of life you deserve.

2. How do I schedule your services?  Contact us via email; or call us at (443)445-3338 to determine how we can best serve you.  We will suggest a plan and create a schedule that works for you.  Our usual hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm – evenings and weekends by special arrangement.   We prefer at least 24 hours notice for any given task – but we realize that we don’t live in a 9-5 world, and that emergencies happen so we will do everything we can to accommodate an urgent request.

3. What does it cost?  It depends on the service, but generally there is a minimum of one hour charge starting at $15.00 per hour for all services completed depending on your location.  Fees are then calculated by 30 minute intervals after the first hour.  Payment is due upon completion of your request.  Some services will require a deposit in advance. 

4. Do you provide services to businesses as well as individuals?  Absolutely!  Everyone from busy professionals, the hectic household, small business owner, to the traveling business person, the active retiree or the absentee homeowner this service is absolutely ideal.

5. How do I determine if your company is reliable?  CCS is licensed and bonded under the umbrella of Chesapeake Virtual Solutions.  We are independently owned and operated.